Oulu Game LAB First Gate

Oulu Game Lab`s First Gate was on Friday 14th of September. The 14 teams pitched their game ideas to the judges and nine teams passed the amazingly evenly matched gate and will continue with their game ideas to the next gate, developing them further together with the new members on their teams.

Congratulations to all the teams that passed Gate 1: 

Hairy Games – ORB (Offensive Rolling Bot)
Nailed IT – Void Within
Play Possum – Dead Fungoria
The Milky Wolves – Space Raiders on Deck
Kelmi Games – Soulforged
Amenta – Miniature Mayhem
The Killerbees – Monsters’ Social Worker
Satisfaction – Fungeon Crawl
Lost Hoodie – Shred ‘N Slam

And Thank You to the teams that didn`t pass the gate: 

Heel – Wrecking Ball Smash 
Fulcrum – 4-way Tetris 
Dojo – Five Staight with a Twist 
PepeHands – The Last Gladiator 
The Freezing Penguins – Camping at the End 
All of whom will be joining in on the continuing teams as new members!


The next Gate will be held on Friday 12.10!