Dissmissed Treyarch developer revealed loads of detail about Black Ops 4’s future

Treyarchs’ ex-developer has leaked some new information about Call of Duty; Black Ops 4.

Developer who has been working on Zombie mode’s quality control, has revealed bunch of secrets and details about COD;BO4 on Reddit. Frustrated employee got unfairly fired and treated according to his side of the story.

His writings about the game has been deleted after the incident, but Reddit users composed all the details and made a new topic about it.

Leaked secrets include things such as hidden secrets and upcoming content from the Zombies game mode. Some new characters and DLC content and also that the Nuketown map will be included to the new Zombies mode DLC.

Former developer also told that the Black Ops 4 campaign has been under the process for over a year now. All the details can be found on the Reddit compilation topic linked below.