Amazing #FGJ19 #GGJ19 weekend!

Oulu Game Jam as a part of Global Game Jam

At the end of January we had arranged the Finnish Game Jam as a part of Global Game Jam, which took place in 860 jam sites located in 113 countries around the world. Altogether there were 47043 jammers in this word´s largest game jam event. In Oulu, we had 41 registered jammers plus 3 unregistered, who developed fully 10 games during 48 hectic hours, plus one that almost got finished. Altogether there were 23 jam sites in Finland, where Oulu was 10. biggest.

It all started at 5 pm on Friday afternoon with official videos and the announcement of the secret theme, which was followed with team forming and brainstorming, not to forget food sponsored by Oulu Game Capital and Fingersoft, and drinks sponsored by Riimu Games. The theme of the year 2019 was “What home means to you”. And so it was kicked off, the kind of hackathon on game development. 

On sunday 3 pm it was time to load games to Global Game jam site, and one hour later, after short refreshing, started the presentation of games. There were ten games presented with following names: It Moves, Homes within Homes, Birds of Our Lives, Pub Corned, Loopend, Home on Wheels, The Last Gladiator, Another One Swipes the Dust, KOTIBILEET and Monster Labyrinth. Exodus Snake quite did not make it, unfortunately.

The main organizers were Neea Salmivaara ja Timo Kähtävä from Riimu Games, with technical back up from Roberto Hanas ja Rob Power.

All the games can be found here: