Coro Animony in Valve

The concert of otaku-choir Coro Animony in Oulu as Japan and Finland celebrates 100 years of diplomatic relations

Coro Animony, pop-cultural choir from Nagoya, performs a concert in honor of diplomatic relations on Friday 28th March at Madetojasali, and yesterday, 27th March at Konst o. Deli, at the cafe at Cultural Centre Valve we got a very entertaining sample of their upcoming concert .

This was the very first overseas performance of Coro Animony.  They specialize in singing songs from japanese comics, animations and games. The leader of the choir is energetic Yusuke Maeda.

Before the choir performed Sari Päätalo, playing Koto, a traditional japanese stringed musical instrumed, derived from the Chinese zheng.

The cafe was very crowded and there were audience in three floors. Many people from Apaja Game Hub attended the concert as well.