Nordic Game Discovery Contest – Oulu Winner!

We had last week the pleasure of hosting the Erik and Vidya Robertson, the self-titled “Team C” from Nordic Game las week for the Game Discovery Contest.

Initially started as a side event of Polar Bear Pitching, as the main event was canceled, OGL and Nordic decided to host the Discovery Contest in spite of the COVID-19 / as at that point Oulu had less than 15 confirmed cases, most of them from the university students came from a visit abroad.

Even though we had only 2 contenders – Niklas Saari, CEO of Team Jolly Roger and Niko Pyrhönen, Producer at Psyon Game they competed in what seemed a tight fight. We had 2 products with totally different targets: Jolly Roger team with their follow -up game Interplanetary 2 and Psyong Games with their Educational Game.

Team Jolly Roger – Interplanetary 2

The sequel to the turn-based strategic artillery game released in 2015. Interplanetary is a game where players wage interplanetary wars by developing their home planets and firing massive barrages through the unpredictable gravity fields of the solar system.

Check their first game Interplanetary 1 available on Steam

Psyon Games – Antidote

An Educational Game that is said to be designed exclusively to entertain you, with intense casual gameplay, graphics of the highest quality, and lots of interesting challenges.

Based on cutting-edge science (with a touch of science fiction), Antidote adds a spark of imagination to the excitement

Nordic Game Discovery Contest – Oulu Winner!

Drum rolls…

After 3 rounds of presentations and answers to our tough judges, we had a winner – Team Jolly Roger with their game Interplanetary 2!

Congratulations to Niklas Saari,Team Jolly Roger, who won:

  • 2 full conference passes for NG20
  • Unlimited access to the NG20 MeetToMatch system
  • A complimentary table in the NGDC Season IV Finalists Expo at NG20 (27-29 May)


With that being said, we had an attendance of roughly 30 participants that attended the Discovery Contest and afterward stayed for networking.

It was a great event, with a lovely audience and