A Block full of makers 

Oulu’s most prominent game makers work inside Apaja. Fingersoft specifically selected companies whose development, ideas and products could be accelerated.

It’s not just game developers, however! Other companies within Apaja specialize in management coaching, consulting, digital content production, 3D modelling, animation and photography. There are even companies dealing with clothing and legal affairs.

Apaja’s employees are all experts in their respective fields, but it’s not just industry veterans within. There are also a lot of game development students, to whom Apaja is a second home. The youngest game developers can be found in Code School Finland. Oulu Game Lab also educates students in game development in cooperation with the Oulu University of Applied Sciences’ culture, engineering and business units, as well as with game companies in Oulu.

Empires Not Vampires Entertainment

Empires Not Vampires Entertainment is a mobile game developer behind the innovative idle builder adventure Tropic Empire. The company focuses on creating fantastic, long-lasting brands and mobile experiences.

Webpage link: https://empires.games/


The Oulu based Fingersoft is the company behind smash hits Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2. With over one billion downloads across platforms the they’re one of the largest game companies in Finland today. The company was founded in 2012 and has gone from a 2 person team to over 40 people today.

Webpage link: www.fingersoft.net

Iron Sight

Iron Sight is a small but passionate game studio founded in 2015 in Oulu. Our focus is to develop and deliver high quality games and immersive experiences mainly for the PC-platform.

Webpage link: www.ironsight.fi

Meizi Games

Meizi Games Oy is a mobile game development company operating at Oulu Game Campus that is currently focusing on quality Racing-games. The company employs 10 people at the moment. The goal of the company is to grow into one of the major game companies in Finland.

Webpage link: www.meizi.fi


Round Zero

Round Zero is the publishing label of Fingersoft Ltd. We use the massive Hill Climb Racing audience to test and evaluate 3rd party mobile games. All mobile game developers are welcome to fill in the application. Once accepted to the evaluation program, we will drive installs and analyse the results. Basically we let our gamers decide, which games we should publish next.

Webpage link: www.round-zero.com

Super God

Super God develops games for PC and mobile markets. Our passion lies on the details of the game development work. We emphasize gameplay and game feel. We have released two games on Steam and one game on Google Play. We are currently developing two games that will be released in 2018.

Webpage link: www.supergod.fi

Youth Control Games OY

Youth Control Games is a new mobile game company founded to initiate the mobile game extension of record label and publisher company Youth Control. Youth Control Games will develop and publish ‘Mixmstr’ game series and other similar music games for mobile android and iOS platforms utilizing the music catalogue, artist roster and strong music industry network of Youth Control.

eSports Bar

upcoming – It will be a basic bar, spiced with a nerd vibe.

Alvar Carto

Alvar Carto helps you to create a unique map poster from where you grew up, proposed, studied, travelled or any location on the planet. We help people to bring their best memories to life.

Webpage link:  www.alvarcarto.com

Barrabés napapiiri

Barrabés Napapiiri Ltd based in Oulu, Finland is a subsidiary of Spanish Barrabés Group. We help our Spanish customers to build new exciting products and business models deploying disruptive technologies. We also serve Finnish companies in order to scale their business into international markets.

Webpage link: www.barrabesnapapiiri.com

Code School Finland

Code School Finland is the leading private company in Finland to teach programming to both children and adults. Besides courses and training we also offer teaching material for teachers. All our contents are available everywhere in the world. Internationally we also organize workshops and camps for educational tourists.

Webpage link: www.codeschoolfinland.com


Corpi designs digitalisation strategies, business models and customer-centred technology products and digital services with people in companies, corporations and organisations.

Webpage link: http://www.corpi.fi/


Fondia Plc is a full-service business law firm operating in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Fondia is the first publicly listed business law firm in the Nordics and offers new service models and exploits digital technologies. Our work is swift, flexible and uncomplicated – it meets the demands of modern business.

Webpage link: www.fondia.fi



Gugguu Oy is designing and selling
the perfect clothing for children. The
company is established in 2013 and
has already become one of the most
famous kids´clothing brands in the

Webpage link: www.gugguu.com


We bring a invaluable perspective to help you – we make indoor air problem solving easier. Indoor environment user experience data is usually too scattered and almost always difficult to access for its utilizer. Indoors’ job is to gather experience information and make it easily accessible.

Webpage link: www.indoors.fi

Kinnula Consulting Oy

Kinnula Consulting provides consulting and global project management services for clients using SAP enterprise solutions. Very experienced consulting services offer expertise from development projects to global roll outs as well as green field implementations.


Minima Processor’s technology improves energy efficiency up to 15-20x in digital processors. This is the key to all new technologies, such as edge computing, in-body medical, and IoT security. The Minima technology sweet spot is in always-on devices, where ultra-wide DVFS can be fully utilized for maximum power consumption savings.

Webpage link: www.minimaprocessor.com

Namida Diamond Factory

Namida Diamond Factory Ltd. was founded in 2004 as Apaja Online Entertainment. Today, Namida is a hardened game industry enterprise represented in Finland by offices in Helsinki, Tampere and Oulu. Together, we form a keen team ready to rock and keep the gaming world hungry for our next smash hit.

Webpage link: www.namida.fi

Oulu Game LAB

Oulu Game LAB of Oulu UAS is an award winning games education program with strong industry focus. Located in the Oulu Game Campus, Northern Finland, Oulu Game LAB aims to create new talent to the gaming industry and develop the local gaming community.

Webpage link: http://www.oulugamelab.net/

Peili Vision

Peili Vision was founded in 2015 based on the idea of helping people in their rehabilitation process with the latest technology – by utilizing Virtual Reality. Our mission is to improve the neurological rehabilitation process with our VR solution. With individual exercises, data collection and remote rehabilitation the whole rehabilitation process can be revolutionized.

Webpage link: www.peilivision.fi

Pint Please

Pint Please is a free mobile app for people who enjoy good beer. It’s a way to explore and keep track of your favourite beers. Pint Please also serves as a handy tool when choosing your beer at the store with its barcode scanner that quickly shows you the best beers available.

Webpage link: www.pintplease.com/en

Relax Gaming

Relax operates multiple products purely as a B2B supplier within online gambling. The product portfolio currently includes casino, bingo, poker and we have two game studios, one in Sweden and one opening shortly in Serbia.

Webpage link: www.relax-gaming.com

Sisältötoimisto Waria

Waria provides creative communication solutions for your business. We can help you get amazing photos, find the right words, design your website and train your staff to communicate better or to practice art or mindfulness to become more inspired. We are consummate professionals, and fun to work with.

Webpage link: www.waria.fi


Solved is a world’s leading on-demand sustainability advisory service and digital collaboration platform. Solved provides a digital co-creation platform as a service for project ideation and development. Solved will quickly mobilize experienced multidisciplinary teams using its network of 2500 experts. Solved was established as a company in May 2013.

Webpage link: www.solved.fi

Studio Timo Heikkala Oy

We have a long experience in assisting companies and communities in the center of Oulu at Apaja, making high quality product photos using Light Painting technique for product illumination and image processing, combining photos and 3D graphics. In the studio or business premises we do professional commercial photos and portrait photography. We also do advertisement images, photo illustration and reportage photography.

Webpage link : www.heikkala.fi


X Heads

We are X Heads – a group of agile and innovative engineers. We are made of creative madness, youthful enthusiasm and productive joy. Create new successful business models by challenging us to a fruitful race of idea creation or unravel the best products from your product spectrum with us.

Webpage link: www.xheads.fi

Creuna Finland Oy

Creuna is a leading Nordic digital customer experience agency with more than 350 professionals. We help our clients to build digital brand presence, create engagement with their customers, growing business by moving sales and services to the digital world. Our work spans from campaign sites and visual identities to B2B commerce solutions and self-service platforms.

Webpage link: www.creuna.com

Mutant Koala Pictures

Mutant Koala Pictures is a Northern Finland based production company that specializes in high concept visuals, 3D effects, webseries and film production. Mutant Koala was founded in 2011 by three friends: director-producer Jukka Vidgren, director-DOP Juuso Laatio and CGI wizard Petteri Staven.

Webpage link: www.mutantkoala.com

Studio Outo

Mind-boggling brilliance and stupendous storytelling! Covering everything from animation, modelling, illustration, concept design to sound & music production. Approachable, agile and ready to cater to all your creative outsourcing needs in Oulu or Helsinki – please don’t hesitate to contact Janne/Jussi/Tero. We’ve been hard at work since 2003!

Webpage link: www.outo.fi


Design Valkea is a marketing planning and consulting agency focusing in content-driven marketing. As a full-service content provider, we help our clients to profitably deliver results. We have special skills in pharmaceutical-, health- and wellness branch and act as a strategic partner in building and strengthen brands.

Webpage link https://designvalkea.fi


Peca Oy is developing new innovative Management Information Software. We also offer Financial Services for Finnish SME-companies. Our aim is to challenge competitors by entrepreneurial attitude and exceptional quality of services. With our new solution we help enterprises to grow with clarity and real time cost analyses, combined to integrated planning for different dimensions.

Webpage link https://www.peca.fi


F Building is currently under renovation.


G Building is currently under renovation.

Auco Oy

Auditing and Consulting Auco Ltd offers auditing services as well as corporate finance services (corporate acquisitions, fusions, subdivisions etc). We have also specialised in change of generation services and management consulting services.

Human Side

As  people  evolve,  organizations  also  develop  and  thrive.  Human Side  offers  management  coaching  and  supervisor  training.  We  also  work  as a  partner  in HR  matters.  You  can  outsource  HR  Manager  tasks  or  individual  HR  issues  to Human  Site.

Webpage  link:  www.humanside.fi

JV Lakiasiat Oy

JV Lakiasiat Oy provides corporate and business law consultant services with over two decades of experience. Senior partner Jouni Vaininonpää is experienced in corporate governance and other corporte law matters, mergers and aquisitions, and contract issues.

Webpage link: www.jvlakiasiat.fi