3D Sensor Game Jam 2018  

The legendary Oulu 3D Sensor Game Jam is here again – and it’s bigger, better and more beautiful than ever before! Rohm Semiconductor and Fingersoft partner up to bring the best possible game jam experience to talented young students from around Finland. Build up your team, learn the ropes of the provided technology, and use your imagination to conjure the most innovative and addictive mobile games. Rohm Semiconductor provides all participating teams exclusive sensor technology (gyroscope, accelerometer, motion, etc.) and challenges them to best utilize the tech in game design and development.

This year the event has been expanded to two full hackathon days and the participants are summoned from all over Finland. An iron-willed jury of professionals from major technology companies decides which teams create the best masterpieces and deserve the tempting awards of 2000€ (1st place), 1000€ (2nd place) and surprise award (3rd place).

The event agenda is as follows:

21st March 2018
10:00-14:00: Doors open, organizing teams & registration
14:00-16:00: ROHM introduction to tech, event opening speaks, jury introductions
16:00–>: Official hackathon starts

22nd March 2018

23rd March 2018
13:00-16:00: Teams’ product delivery and presentations
16:00-18:00: Jury assembly and review
18:00-18:30: Winner showcases

If you have a fiery spirit, talent in game development and design and an interested team, don’t hesitate for one moment to apply!

You can find the registration link from here: http://bit.do/sensorgamejam2018

Ready, set, CODE!