Google Visits


Juho Juhantalo – Industry Manager.
Sara Ailanka Kuisma – Strategic Partnership Manager.



14:00 Growing your games business with Google

Google has a broad role in the mobile games ecosystem through Google Play, Android, AdMob, Adwords, YouTube, Firebase and more. As the F2P business is maturing, it’s important to think about your business and opportunities for growth with Google beyond featuring. Discovery is not broken, it has changed. This change provides great growth opportunities for companies who innovate and invest to data-driven strategies.In this talk, I’ll be touching upon how Google thinks about the mobile gaming business, how you can make the best out Google’s tools and platforms in your launch and beyond and finally, what’s ahead for Google in gaming.

15:00 How to build a successful app business by solving the tank filling meme

*Session Info:* From a very practical standpoint, the talk approaches what the most creative developers are doing to be successful in terms of monetization and UX, and what you can do to strive towards a successful app.

16:00 Open Discussion

Excerpt: Interested in how Google thinks about the game industry, how you can make the best out of Google's tools and platforms in your launch, what's ahead of Google gaming - successful monetization and UX? Then join us for a great one-day event.