User Acquisition and Performance Marketing 1 – The Basics

Three 45-minute presentations by Joakim Achrén offer you the core of performance marketing. Performance marketing campaigns give you the ability to measure everything from brand reach to conversion rate down to a single ad. The presentations are targeted at everyone interested in user acquisition and performance marketing. Joakim Achrén Shows In A Pragmatic Way What Are The Effective Performance Marketing Tricks That Work For Games, Health Apps, Websites, etc.

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Thursday 30.1, 16.30-17.15, OuluGameLab, Rantakatu 3
Starting at 16:30-17:15

  1. Understand the basics of User Acquisition for web or mobile, be it a game, Utility application, blog, etc.
  2. How to learn to run marketing campaigns yourself
  3. How To Make Sure You Are Getting A Return For Your Marketing Spend

About Joakim Achrén

Joakim is the founder and CEO of Elite Game Developers, the go-to resource for games company founders. Joakim joined Supercell in 2011 to run their analytics. In 2013, Joakim founded Next Games, an IPOed on NASDAQ First North in 2017. Joakim left the company in early 2019 and is now building Elite Game Developers, with a podcast and book, is starting and building games companies.

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Location: OuluGameLab, Rantakatu 3